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Portuguese Breeds


Portuguese breeds recognized by the FCI:

Alentejo Mastiff

Confident / Safe / Easy going
Guard dog for property and livestock.

Castro Laboreiro Dog

Reserved / Serious / Vigorous
Guard dog, watch dog and livestock guarding dog.

Estrela Mountain Dog

Austere / Protective / Resistant
A livestock guarding dog, watch dog and companion dog; also used for draught work.

Portuguese Pointing Dog

Affective / Curious / Persistent

Hunting dog.

Portuguese Sheepdog

Attentive / Rustic / Intelligent
Sheepdog for herding and watching over livestock.

Portuguese Warren Hound

Fearless / Persevering / Primitive
Hunting dog, watch dog and companion dog.

Portuguese Water Dog

Cheerful / Medium / Voluntary
Assistance with fishing and retrieving as well as companion dog.

Saint Miguel Cattle Dog

Courageous / Faithful / Strong
Cattle dog.

Transmontano Mastiff

Autonomous / Elegant / Imposing
Livestock guarding dog for sheep and goat flocks.

Portuguese breeds not recognized by the FCI:

Algarve Barrocal Dog

Tireless / Tender / Fast
An expert hunter, fast and rustic, he is also an excellent family dog.

Terceira Cattle Dog

Agile / Dynamic / Intelligent
Cattle herding dog per excellence, guardian and companion dog.