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Alliance Canine Latine

The ALLIANCE CANINE LATINE (ACL) is the future heavyweight of the European Section of the Fédération Cinologique Internationale. In 2006, after establishing several contacts during the FCI European Dog Show, the Presidents of the Societé Centrale Canine (SCC) and the Ente Nazionale Canina Italiana (ENCI), made the decision to strengthen relations between the national clubs of these two countries, through the organisation of joint events. This alliance was also subsequently signed with the Real Sociedad Canina de España (RSCE), and the three clubs organized various events, establishing a set of rules of mutual cooperation.

After 10 years, the ACL invited the Portuguese National Canine Organization – CPC to join this alliance, with more defined objectives, which are as follows:

  • To create an international structure following the model of other alliances already existing in the European Section of the FCI, such as: the Nordic Kennel Union, a Nordic alliance that brings together all Scandinavian kennel clubs; the Alliance of the Alps, which brings together the German, Austrian and Swiss clubs; the Benelux alliance, that brings together clubs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; as well as the Mediterranean Cynological Union and the European Central Eastern Union. The benefits of these unions are proven to be very significant.

  • In the case of the ACL, the four countries follow a very close Cynological tradition, with several common tests in the areas of Utility and Hunting (Pointing Dogs), and other living aspects of cynology, to which overlays a common regulatory history between these National Clubs and their corresponding Ministry of Agriculture. The geographical proximity also translates into frequent exchanges of breeding dogs between breeders in the four countries, and in the participation of exhibitors in Cynological events. Common interests are manifestly great, and this union allows us to develop our influence within the European Section of the FCI, to which we belong, as well as to organize important shows and events under a common logo.

Among the various objectives, we highlight the following:

  • To ensure the presence of a shared ACL stand during World Dog Shows and European Dog Shows, as well as during the ACL Winner Shows, to promote and disseminate our Cynology, as well as our dog breeds and our events.

  • To develop and cross-reference our genealogical databases.

  • To work together in the implementation of health programs and investigation, and to prepare for the arrival of genomics in the selection of dogs. Our four countries together produce 500,000 purebred dogs per year, which equals 50% of the output of other clubs in the European Union, among a population of 200 million citizens.

  • Mutual recognition of all our national breeds that aren’t yet officially recognized by the FCI, allowing them to participate in shows and in registrations in the respective Stud Books.

  • The foundation of a title (Latin Winner) and a championship (Latin Champion) with a specific regulation for the attribution of these titles.

  • The creation of a common ACL logo that will be part of all the events organised together.

The first meeting between the 4 countries took place in Lisbon, in June 2018, and the second meeting happened in Brussels, in August 2018.

The common stand of the 4 countries has already been held in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in August, at the World Dog Show 2018, and in Warsaw (Poland) in October 2018, at the European Dog Show, and was very popular during these events.

During the last meeting of the ACL, the four Presidents also decided to create an ACL website translated into the 4 national languages that form this alliance, as well as in English, with links to the websites of member countries, which was implemented in 2019.

In 2019, the ACL shows were as follows:

  • Portugal ACL Latin Winner – Porto, 12/01/2019

  • Spain ACL Latin Winner – Madrid, 27-28/04/2019

  • France ACL Latin Winner – Paris, 01-02/06/2019

  • Italy ACL Latin Winner – Verona, 14-15/12/2019

Title "Latin Champion”

The title “Latin Champion” will be awarded to the dog that obtains three CACIBS in “Latin Winner” shows, in three different countries, awarded by three different judges, without a time limit.

Titles "Latin Winner”

In each of the “Latin Winner” shows, the following titles are disputed:

  • The “Baby Latin Winner” title will be awarded to the 1st Very Good / 1st Very Promising of each sex in Baby class.
  • The “Puppy Latin Winner” title will be awarded to the 1st Very Good / 1st Very Promising of each sex in Puppy class.
  • The “Junior Latin Winner” title will be awarded to the 1st Excellent of each gender in Junior class.
  • The “Latin Winner” title will be awarded to the winner of the CACIB in each gender.
  • The “Veteran Latin Winner” title will be awarded to the 1st Excellent of each gender in Veteran class.