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GrCh. PT

How to make a Portuguese Grand Champion (GrCh. PT)

1 – The requirements for a Portuguese Beauty Champion to become a Portuguese Grand Champion are winning 6 CCCs in Portuguese dog shows, at least 3 of them at International Shows, in respect of one of the following criteria:

a) two of CCCs were obtained at Championship Qualifier Shows organized by the C.P.C.; or

b) one of the 6 CCCs was obtained at an International Championship Qualifier Show and another CCC was obtained at the official Breed Club Championship Qualifier Show.

2 – To be eligible for the title of Portuguese Grand Champion, the dog must have obtained the six CCCs under at least four different judges. 3 – The CCCs are valid only after the dog becomes a Portuguese National Beauty Champion. Only the awards won after January 1, 2012 will be considered.