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How to choose a breeder?

When contacting a breeder of a specific breed, you must first make sure that this breeder has achieved good results at canine morphological events, assuring that this breeder produces specimens of high quality in terms of health and morphology. Preferably, a breeder with an affix registered in the FCI through the CPC.

Even though a dog is registered in the CPC, not all dogs have the same perfection in terms of quality. In the same litter there may be dogs with higher or lower quality within the breed´s parameters.

Registration with the CPC does not guarantee the individual quality of the specimens, nor the exemption from hereditary diseases.

The CPC does not interfere with the service conditions that are agreed between the breeder and the new owner.

It is therefore up to the interested party to guarantee all aspects that assure the quality and health conditions of the dog to be acquired.