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How to get a puppy?

Each dog breed has its individual characteristics and temperament, as well as a specific personality. Not all breeds are compatible with the circumstances of life, so one must first choose the breed with the desired characteristics and with the temperament that best suits the family environment.

Access to this type of information can be done through publications, internet searches, as well as by direct contact with our services.

It is good to remember that the life expectancy of a dog is 10 to 15 years, so this choice is of the utmost importance. A dog should never be adopted or acquired on an impulse, and the possibilities of being able to provide a life and an environment appropriate to its needs should always be foremost considered. After making this decision, it is best to go to one of the many canine morphology events, as to observe dogs of various breeds that attend these venues, ideally establishing personal contact with breeders.

Direct contact with responsible breeders is very important. A dog show is the most adequate place to meet breeders and clarify all eventual doubts, in particular as regards the appearance, character, required care and appropriate lifestyle of the chosen breed.

Another way to find out more information about breeders and litters is to contact the CPC, who will provide a list of newly registered litters, and provide the contacts of filiated breed clubs.