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What to expect from a breeder?

  • The breeder should explain the necessary caregiving to be followed with the dog, as well as the specific characteristics and temperament inherent to the breed.
  • The breeder should show the litter and the mother of the litter, providing all of the necessary information regarding the genealogy of the dog that is to be acquired.
  • The breeder should certify that the litter is properly dewormed, by providing proof through a health report with the updated vaccine program.
  • The dog/litter should be registered in the CPC with proof of registration through the delivery of the individual registration certificate issued by the CPC (provisional or definitive, always including a microchip), which should be mailed to the new owner, with the declaration of ownership transferral duly signed.
  • A conscientious breeder should assume the responsibility of informing the new owner if there are structural problems or morphological defects that do not allow the dog to compete at a dog show. The breeder should further inform the new owner if the dog is fit for reproduction. This may require the buyer to sign a statement that he/she has become aware of this situation. Due to this, the specific specimen may have a conditional registration.