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What is the CPC?

The CPC (Clube Portuguese de Canicultura) is a private non-profit association, recognized as a public utility body since 2001 and head of Cynology in Portugal since 1931.

The CPC is responsible for the promotion of this activity throughout the country, in its recreational, associative and cultural aspects, as well as the promotion and improvement of all pure dog breeds, with special relevance to national dog breeds.

In 1936, the CPC founded the Portuguese Studbook (LOP), being its managing entity since then.

The CPC has been a federated member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) since 1936. The FCI is the world’s largest canine organization.

What are the functions of the CPC?

  • To regulate and control cynological activities related with breed dogs in Portugal, as well as all of the areas correlated to their utility.
  • The CPC is equally responsible for all registrations in the Portuguese stud book (LOP and RI) of specimens born in Portugal or registered in one of the Stud Books recognized by the FCI.
  • The CPC is also responsible for the promotion, breeding and dissemination of all canine breeds in national territory.
  • Managing and endorsing the organisation of canine morphology events, hunting trials, obedience, agility and herding trials, among other modalities, homologating championship certificates that are awarded to dogs in these respective categories.
  • The CPC is the cynotechnical entity par excellence, forming cynologists, ring stewards, judges and numerous other cynological agents.
  • The CPC approves all of the breed standards of the Portuguese dog breeds, as well as their amendments, in addition to proceeding with the survey and study of canine populations that are chosen for future.
  • Recognition, disseminating, promoting and supporting all of the Portuguese Dog Breeds.