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18th Portugal Day Portuguese Breeds Dog Show


Organized by Clube Português de Canicultura, with the support of União de Freguesias do Cartaxo e Vale da Pinta and Cartaxo Municipality.


Under the Federation Cynologique Internationale and the Clube Português de Canicultura regulations, open to dogs of every officialy recognized breed and variety, registered in a studbook or appendix to the studbook (waiting list) recognized by the FCI.

With the attribution of the C.A.C.-Q.C. of the Clube Português de Canicultura.

The public health directives issued by the Directorate General for Health regarding the event will be respected.
Get to know the general directives of the CPC for organizing shows during the pandemic (in portuguese).

This event may be subject to a limit on the number of participants.

General Schedule

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Dogs admission
Judging of breeds
Show closing


Your dog’s welfare is extremely important to us. Please protect him or them by respecting fully all the following recomendations:

– Do not leave your dog inside the car in the sun.
– Do not leave your dog on the preparation table for longer than necessary for its grooming and under no circumstances you should leave him unattended.
– Find a suitable location that protects him from weather conditions and other situations that could possibly endanger him.
– Always watch your dog in order to prevent a risk to its life or to the physical integrity of other dogs, animals or people.

The exhibitors are responsible for safeguarding the welfare of the dog at a dog show.
It is forbidden to put the dog in a situation that can be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as leaving the dog in the car in hot or cold weather and/or treating the dog in a cruel manner.
Violation of this ruling will result in exclusion from the ongoing and future dog shows.

The exhibitors are responsible for collecting the droppings of their animals on the show ground.

It is strictly forbidden to sell animals in the show.

For every case not mentioned in the programme, the CPC Shows Regulation (Regulamento das Exposições Caninas e Concursos de Beleza) applies.

Veterinary Service

Veterinary inspection itinerant during the show.

The veterinary inspection is itinerant and is processed in a random fashion.

In Portugal there are no quarantine rules for dogs arriving from abroad or from any Community State. However, a PET PASSPORT for dogs from EU members or a HEALTH CERTIFICATE for dogs from non EU countries, with an anti-rabies Vaccination Certificate is required and the vaccination should have been performed, within the year before the date of show. Vaccination against the main dog diseases must have been made more than eight days before the show.

Dogs coming from abroad must be identified either electronically or by tatto according to the legislation of the country of origin.

Dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs (American Staffordshire Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Rottweiller, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Tosa) that enter the portuguese territory for a period of time of less than 4 months, must have proof of registration on the country of origin and subscribe a statement of responsability in a form supplied by the portuguese veterinary authority (DGAV).

According to the CPC Shows Regulations, it is forbidden to enter and show dogs with cropped ears in all dog shows in Portugal. The participation of dogs with docked tail is only allowed if the breed standard allows it.




Correctly filled entry forms, together with payment or payment proof must be delivered at the following places:

Clube Português de Canicultura

The organization disclaims responsibility for entries that are not made directly, or by writing to the services of the Club.

Entries close

Deadline: until 31-05-2021


Classes de Inscrição

(extrato do Regulamento de Exposições Caninas e Concursos de Beleza, Capítulo IX)

Classes obrigatórias:
Não é permitido a inscrição simultânea mais de uma classe obrigatória.
Classes que disputam o C.A.C.: Intermédia, Aberta e Trabalho.
Classes que disputam o Prémio de Raça: Juniores, Intermédia, Aberta, Trabalho, Campeões e Veteranos.

Destinada a todos os exemplares de 4 a menos de 6 meses de idade à data do julgamento.

Destinada a todos os exemplares de 6 a menos de 9 meses de idade à data do julgamento.

Destinada a todos os exemplares de 9 a menos de 18 meses de idade à data do julgamento.

Destinada a todos os exemplares de 15 a menos de 24 meses de idade à data do julgamento.

Destinada a todos os exemplares a partir de 15 meses de idade à data do julgamento, excepto os Campeões Nacionais de Beleza (Ch. Port.); nesta classe podem ainda inscrever-se os Campeões de Beleza de outros países e Campeões Internacionais (Ch. Int.).

Destinada a todos os exemplares a partir de 15 meses de idade à data do julgamento, desde que já tenham sido classificados em Provas de Trabalho e façam prova desse facto, com certificado (obrigatório) da F.C.I., emitido pela organização canina nacional do país de residência do proprietário actual, homologado de acordo com os regulamentos da F.C.I.

Destinada a todos os exemplares a partir de 15 meses de idade à data do julgamento, que se inscrevam nesta classe e façam prova do título de Campeão de Beleza homologado por entidade reconhecida pala F.C.I.

Destinada aos exemplares a partir de 8 anos de idade à data do Julgamento.

Classes facultativas:
(Todo o exemplar inscrito numa classe facultativa deverá estar inscrito previamente numa classe obrigatória.)

Destinada aos exemplares que se façam acompanhar, no acto do julgamento, por um mínimo de três e um máximo de cinco dos seus filhos.

Destinada a dois exemplares de sexos opostos da mesma raça e variedade, pertencentes ao mesmo expositor.

Destinada a um mínimo de três e um máximo de cinco exemplares da mesma raça e variedade, criados pela mesma entidade (afixo), ainda que pertencentes a diferentes expositores.

Entry Fees

IVA/VAT included.
1st individual entry (J, I, O, W, Ch, V Classes)
€ 17
2nd individual entry (J, I, O, W, Ch, V Classes)
€ 12
3rd individual entry and following (J, I, O, W, Ch, V Classes)
€ 10
Puppy Class
€ 10
Baby Class
€ 8
Progeny Class
€ 10
Brace (Couples) Class
€ 15
Breeder’s Group Class
€ 20
€ 5


  • The amount due is calculated based on the date of payment.
  • Any difference between the amount paid and the amount due will be charged.
  • The catalog will be online 2 hours before the beggining of the show. Exhibitors that wish a printed catalog must reserve and pay for it when sending the entries.
  • The breeds Barbado da Terceira, Cão de Gado Transmontano, Cão do Barrocal Algarvio and Podengo Português Grande are exempt of payment of the entries in mandatory classes.

Payment by Bank Transfer

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 0201 7940 0015 8


Proof of payment must be sent together with the entries.

Invited Judges

The organization has the right to replace any of the announced judges.

Barbado da Terceira
Rui Martins (PT)
Cão da Serra de Aires
António Aguilar Pereira (PT)
Cão da Serra da Estrela
Pedro Delerue (PT)
Cão de Castro Laboreiro
António Aguilar Pereira (PT)
Cão de Fila de São Miguel
Henrique Passadinhas (PT)
Cão de Gado Transmontano
Pedro Delerue (PT)
Rafeiro do Alentejo
Henrique Passadinhas (PT)
Cão do Barrocal Algarvio
Henrique Passadinhas (PT)
Podengo Português
Rui Martins (PT)
Perdigueiro Português
António Aguilar Pereira (PT)
Cão de Água Português
António Aguilar Pereira (PT)
Best Brace (Couple)
António Aguilar Pereira (PT)
Best Breeder Group
António Aguilar Pereira (PT)
Best Veteran
António Aguilar Pereira (PT)
Best Progeny
António Aguilar Pereira (PT)
Best Baby in Show
Pedro Delerue (PT)
Best Puppy in Show
Rui Martins (PT)
Best in Show (BIS)
Henrique Passadinhas (PT)

Judges nationality/home country according to the ISO3166 standard.